The purpose is to indicate to the user how to access confirm receipt packages from their SAP Business Workplace and confirm receipt of those packages for the DIRs sent by the author via the Document Controller. 

The purpose is to indicate to the user how to access the SAP Business Workplace and the resulting notification messages within the workplace as well as provide a way for the users to communicate within SAP. 

The purpose is to be able to print hard copies of the screens that you are currently in and to allow a user to export a report already printed in SAP to an Excel spreadsheet for analysis.

The purpose here is to understand the benefits of Tabs in SAP as well as to be able to use the search function to locate values from a selected list E.g. To search for a material, users SAP number or location.

The purpose of this is to create multiple sessions and use them when transacting between different screens for the chosen module. Understanding the various messages in the tool bar allows us to manage work flow effectively, and determine root cause of errors that may occur during the transactional process.

The purpose of this is to identify the different ways of adding transactions to favourites as shortcuts, by creating favourites and moving them within the favourite’s folder as well as deleting duplicates and favourites that are no longer used. 

The purpose of this is to understand where icons will be found, assist in navigation through various module screens, displaying standard functions and to assist the user and support analyst to interact for effective problem solving. 

To find your way around the SAP menus i.e. to navigate through the SAP system to the transactions and the codes you require.

To allow the user to access the SAP system if the SAP pad is missing or hasn’t been set up at all SAP stands for Systems Application and Products. This is only applicable to users who have the administrator rights to create SAP front end on their desktops.